Le Destructo Éternel

Because I am a fatalist at heart, I have repurposed a tool normally used for drawing ejaculating dicks into the vehicle by which the entire Internet can play the world's longest game of Destructo of all time. After you read the FAQ, feel free to participate.

1) Consider opening the site in a new tab or window, because the whole process is sort of stupid and I'm too tired to streamline it right now.
2) Make a login, because you can't play if you don't.
3) Click "Draw"
4) Choose "Shii Painter Doodle" -- Pro is sort of ridiculous and unneccesary.
5) CLICK "FLOAT." Everything will be all squishy if you don't. This part I can fix pretty easily but it is super late.
6) Draw your thang, then click "upload." If you choose to save to "Boards" you can opt to save to either the ongoing Destructo game or the scratchboard area.
7) Opt to add a comment, and have your comment consist of an explanation of your drawing, and how it destroys the previous drawing.

Good luck.