Sample Destructo Games

Sample 1: I Did This At Work And It Is Poorly-Scanned

1) Happy young lad!
2) Ghost plays on young lad's inexplicable fear of envelopes and drives him to insanity
3) Ghostwriter falls in love with Envelope Ghost and proposes on the spot, causing Envelope Ghost to forget to frighten boy
4) 12 year-old boys the world over destroy the English Language, and therefore, Ghostwriter
5) Look! It's the Puberty Fairy! And she's pubescing the hell out of those kids! And now they want to seem cultured to impress the fine ladies!
6) Superstitious Estonian grandmother uses homeopathic anti-fairy recipe (oatmeal; deer blood; natural stern countenance) to repel the Puberty Fairy
7) Pilgrims deem her a witch and burn her at the stake
8) A young Ian Curtis billyclubs the Pilgrim and steals his wardrobe
9) Uh-oh! Bloggers are up in arms over a purported link between Joy Divison and fascism! They're ruining Ian's career -- with the power of words!
10) The grim, everpresent spectre of futility, and its tendency to crush one's will to live